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Lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) – 5 simple facts

Lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) – 5 simple facts

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Clients often ask about Lenders Mortgage Insurance and how much it costs. Here's 5 simple facts for you to consider in your calculations.


You need to add it to your budget if you’re borrowing more than 80% (have less than 20% deposit) of the property value.


It’s basically, an insurance policy your lender takes out on you in case you fold. …And you get the honour to pay the premium.


Quick way to estimate how much it will cost you:
LVR – percentage you borrow

LVR – 80% - 85% - Cost of LMI is approximately 1% of the loan amount

LVR – 85% - 90% - Cost of LMI is approximately 2% of the loan amount

LVR – 90% - 95% - Cost of LMI is approximately 3% of the loan amount


LMI can also provide opportunities to fast track a property purchase. It allows you to buy sooner (in some case buy at all). It can often be capitalised and added to the borrowed amount (without the need to actually fork out the money upfront). 


Some lenders also provide possibility (for certain occupations) to borrow up to 85, 90 or even 95% of the property value without paying the LMI.

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Article by Leigh Morris - Senior Credit Adviser | Director

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