Our Fees

Are based on the complexity of your financial situation along with the agreed areas of advice you need.

How our fees work

Advice fees vary depending on the financial planner and the type of advice that's right for you.

Initial meeting fee

During the initial meeting we strive to clarify your short term and long-term financial objectives and help you determine the areas you need to focus on.

We’ll assess your current situation and help you formulate and quantify your future goals. If we determine we can help you, we’ll propose the best way forward.

Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to taking action.

Please note that the fee for the first consultation is $99.

Advice fees

The initial (set up) fee is based on the complexity of your situation and starts at $3,900. This one-off fee is paid at the implementation of your initial plan.

The ongoing investment advice and plan tracking services start at $292 per month which can be tax deductible and is paid for monitoring of your long-term plans.

You may be able to pay for your financial plan (fully or partially) from your super. This method of payment is often preferred as it allows our clients an opportunity that may otherwise be out of reach.


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