To deliver service in a form of coaching, built on solving the most fundamental problems and beliefs.

These are then used as basis for individual financial/life planning.

Our aim is empower clients with the mindset, behaviour and tools to manage their relationship with money and reduce stress leading to happier and wealthier lives.

The coaching program consists of the following modules:



  • Money Beliefs & Mindsets
  • Values & Decision Making
  • Value of Time
  • Clarification of Priorities
  • Practical Education


  • Understanding of Wealth
  • Managing Expectations
  • Goals Setting
  • Explanation of Wealth Strategies
  • Creation of Financial /Life Plan


  • Implementation of the Plan Recommendations
  • Facilitating process of Change
  • Ensuring Ongoing Commitment to the Plan
  • Ongoing Behaviour Coaching
  • Intergenerational Advice / Legacy

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