Our Areas Of Advice

Helping you achieve your goals, no matter what stage of life or what your goal is.

Our Areas of Advice

There is no substitute for expertise when it comes to investing.

For over 30 years we have offered our clients specialised financial planning advice across a variety of areas that has enabled them to establish, maintain and enjoy their full financial potential.

Over the years, we have narrowed down our expertise to investment planning and retirement planning. It’s what we’re good at.

Our specialist investment planning advisers can help you in the following areas:

Investment planning specialist

  • Investment advice and planning
  • Suitable ownership, structuring and taxation
  • Practical investment education
  • Ongoing investment tracking and coaching

Retirement planning

  • Pre-retirement planning for accumulators
  • Transition to retirement phase
  • Retirement incomes planning
  • Tax minimisation

 Superannuation specialist

  • Selecting right platform
  • SMSF
  • Contribution strategies
  • Portfolio construction and review

 Wealth creation specialist

  • Children’s education plans
  • Investing for passive income
  • Strategic property advice and planning


In almost everything we do, money is a factor

Our financial planner will analyse your current situation and your investment objectives and help you get clarity around your next step.

Some examples of our work can be found below:

  • Investing proceeds of property sale
  • Investing insurance pay out for passive income
  • Investing proceeds of divorce settlement
  • Investing of inheritance
  • Downsizing and retirement planning
  • Family financial planning for accumulators
  • Investing company profits for business owners
  • Retirement planning for sustainable income
  • Investing for children’s education
  • Transition to retirement planning
  • Early retirement planning
  • Investing equity in home for elderly parents’ income


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