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Working with our experienced team you will benefit from the wealth of our knowledge and years of practical experience in investment and retirement planning.

With a variety of backgrounds we all have differing passions and specialities, but share a strong commitment to our clients, a solid sense of professionalism and, perhaps most importantly, we are all ‘real people’ with the same concerns as many of our clients.

Bill Bracey | Principal | Senior Financial Planner
Senior Financial Planner | Principal

William Bracey

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Over the last 35 years I have assisted my clients to work towards and realise their dreams. I feel I have the experience to help them through the next stage of their life. I still feel as passionate about helping my clients and making a real difference in their lives as I did 35 years ago, but now have more wisdom and the grey hair to match!"
Senior Financial Planner | Partner

Michal Bodi

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Having the drive to succeed is a powerful quality. If you pair this with a right focus and an action plan the results can be quite amazing. My aim is to guide and manage client’s behaviour by providing clear direction to achieve results."
Michal Bodi | Senior Financial Planner | Partner
Gary Winwood-Smith | Senior Financial Planner | Director
Senior Financial Planner | Director

Gary Winwood-Smith

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I am passionate about working with my clients to identify, clarify and quantify their dreams. Together, with focus and determination, we can achieve amazing results."
Financial Planner | Director

Steven Stolle

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Planning for the future is important, but so is living in the moment. Understanding where to draw that line is a key component to success."
Steven Stolle | Financial Planner | Director
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