We feel it’s our professional calling and our purpose to step in and guide young people, their families and business owners because:

Due to lack of practical money education in schools and constant overflow of data, many people feel confused, stressed and insecure about how to grow their wealth.

Money is an emotional issue for virtually everyone making it almost impossible to make consistent rational money decisions.

There’s a difference between knowing what to do (intellectual issue) and actually doing it (emotional issue) – the behaviour gap.

Living in the modern society, we have tendencies to react to daily events and simply replicate money decisions of people around us without realising the consequences. The net outcome is increased debt, relationship breakdowns, high stress levels, subconscious comparing with others and people chasing someone else’s dreams.

We believe financial coaching needs to start from the inside out, focusing on individual relationship with money, lives and values of our clients.

Once we discover and articulate our deeper values and emotional objectives we’re more likely to relate and commit to the overall process of planning.


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