The Why

We need to design it before trying to accomplish it.

The Why

The lack of practical money education in schools causes feelings of financial stress and insecurity amongst everyday Australians

This can be anything from basic bank account structuring, managing cashflow and buying a first home to paying off debts, building wealth, and retirement planning. In their efforts to find solutions people consequently end up looking the wrong places like media or internet.

There’s a common misunderstanding of fundamentals around financial risk and safety caused by society’s obsession with certainty. Sketchy and often incorrect information from the media is used as fundamentals for investing misleading people who think they’re investing where, in fact, they’re often only speculating. This inevitably leads to a lot of disappointment and puts extra pressure on families.

Easy access to information also gives people a false sense of security. Knowing is one thing, using it to craft a long-term plan is something completely different. In order to successfully accomplish anything important, we always need a good plan. Our financial future is no different. We need to design it before trying to accomplish it.

Human brains are wired to react to daily events and simply replicate the money mistakes of people around us. Physiologically, we can’t help it and together with other behavioural biases it makes it difficult for us to stay disciplined in our actions.

The professional experience and practical coaching we offer solve these issues. Our long-term client partnerships have proven to deliver the confidence and security people need to achieve their desired outcomes.

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve tried, failed but want to start fresh, get in touch. We believe in a ‘No Shame, No Blame’ policy and will be happy to hear from you… and if you’re ready to start, we can help you get launched.


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